Monday, April 18, 2011

Russian Cousins Get It On

Nicolai was staying around his aunt and uncles house for the weekend, but had to share a bed with his cousin Alyssa.
After coming home from a night out, Nicolai strips down and crawls into bed, touches Alyssa to let her know he's there, and then suddenly feels something between her legs. Deep in her arse is a large dildo. Nicolai pulls it in and out until Alyssa wakes up and he rolls over to go to sleep.
But he's got Alyssa excited now, and she wants to play...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dad & Son Share Two Girls!

Jonas and his dad, Ralph, are really close. So close that the two guys have no shame in being naked and horny around each other.

But when Jonas returns home one night with two fit and horny girls, his father thinks his son wants them for himself. While Ralph flicks through a porn mag, Jonas gets his hard cock out and has the two girls sucking it. But after a few minutes, he admits to his father than the girls are to share. And so they begin.

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Father & Son Go Bi Sharing Son's Wife!

Ron has come over to his son Alec's home talk to him about his separation from his new girlfriend. Alec's wife, Dana, is the only one home, so she phones her husband and tells him to come home to speak to his father.

Upon arriving, the father and son getting talking, with Ron admitting the relationship crumbled due to the lack of sex, saying his girlfriend hadn't let them have sex for several months and he wanted a new younger girlfriend who would agree to a healthy amount of sex - someone like Dana.

Dana and Alex owe Ron, as he loaned them a large sum of money when they found themselves in debt. Despite paying all the money back, they agree to help Ron's sexual needs as a returned favour. But more happens than they think when Alec's big cock looks rather tasty to Ron!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Father Teaches His Son

Frank has often wondereed if his son Connor has started having sex. One day while having a 'man-to-man' talk, Frank asks his son if he's still a virgin. He replies yes.
Then asking him if he has done anything with a girl - or boy- Connor replies 'i don't know what do, so no, nothing'.

The next day, Frank is in his room jerking off when he hears a noise downstairs. He goes down to find his son in just a t-shirt with no underwear on. "What are you doing Connor?"
Shocked, Connor tries to hide his hard penis, "All my underwear and trousers are in the laundry, I came to find some, I thought you were asleep!"
Frank sees his son still covering his cock and decides to do what a father should do - educate his son...

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Father Helps Young Son Ejaculate!

Young Tobias is having trouble ejaculating, so speaks to his father about masturbation, sex and ejaculation. After a long talk, his father tells him to o to his room and start masturbating so he can see what Tobias means.
Once the young boy starts, his father comes up with a plan to help him.

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Father And Son Get Intimate!

Rodrigo moved in with his father, Mario, at the start of the New Year and quickly discovered why his parents had split - his father was bisexual and had an affair with another man.
Curious about gay sex, Rodrigo asked his father what it was like. After an intimate discussion about gay sex, Rodrigo declared he'd one day like to try it, but with an older man who he trusted and who was experienced at having sex with me.
10 minutes later, Mario decides to be the one to show his son how it's done....

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother Fucks Her Son For His 21st!

Tania and John take their only son Josh on holiday to Spain for his 21st. Hoping he might meet a nice Spanish girl while there, they watch how he is with the ladies. Overcome by nerves, Josh hasn't got the guts to ask any of them out on a date, but Tania sees how he's a hit with the girls.
Knowing that his nerves are the only thing stopping her growing son from meeting a lovely young lady, she decides to take matters into her own hands - literally. While Josh rests in his hotel room and John heads down to the hotel's gym, Tania sneeks into Josh's room. As if her boy knew what was coming, he is sleeping naked under his bed sheet - allowing Tania to see his grown up cock. She whispers sexual comments into his ear as he sleeps, watching the effect they're having on his dick, which she can see growing into an erection.
Josh wakes to see the sex story is coming from his mother, but he soon gives in to her dirty ways.

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